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Lily and the OctopusSteven Rowley

Steven RowleyIn this moving, revelatory literary novel reminiscent of The Life of Pi and The Art of Racing in the Rain, a young writer finds himself unable to open up to the possibility of love--except through the companionship of his aging dachshund Lily. But with the unexpected arrival of a small octopus that affixes itself, unrelenting, to Lily's head, it soon becomes clear this invader is strangling the life from his dog and threatening the bond between man and his one true friend.

With transportive spins into magic realism at sea and beautifully evoked universal truths of loss and longing on land, a hilariously sardonic and not altogether reliable narrator, and one unforgettable hound whose simple passions and inspiring wisdom will break your heart and put it back together again, Lily and the Octopus captures the singular search for meaning in the face of death and introduces a dazzling new voice in fiction.

Steven Rowley has worked as a freelance writer, alternative weekly newspaper columnist and screenwriter. Originally from Portland, Maine, he is a graduate of Emerson College. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his boyfriend and their dog. Lily and the Octopus is his first novel. Follow him on Twitter @mrstevenrowley

To be published by Simon & Schuster in 2016.