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Splitting the AtomGregory Jaczko

Gregory Jaczko - Splitting the AtomFormer chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Gregory B. Jaczko's Splitting the Atom is an account of Jaczko’s controversial years as the top nuclear regulator and the challenges he encountered facing off with an industry entrenched in Washington politics, framed by a fascinating look at the science of nuclear power itself.

Gregory Jaczko was Chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission from 2009 until 2012.

As Chairman, he led the agency's response to the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan. In addition, he led efforts to strengthen regulations for nuclear power plants and initiatives to improve the safety and security of radioactive materials. He promoted efforts to modernize emergency preparedness programs and to develop a Commission policy on the importance of a healthy "safety culture" at the NRC and its licensees.

Prior to serving on the NRC, Dr. Jaczko worked for U.S. Sen. Harry Reid and U.S. Rep. Edward Markey. In addition, he has been an adjunct professor at Georgetown University teaching science and policy. Dr. Jaczko earned a bachelor's degree in physics and philosophy from Cornell University, and a doctorate in physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Jaczko has been interviewed extensively by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and other newspapers. He has been featured on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, the PBS Newshour, Bloomberg TV, and C-SPAN's Newsmakers.  He has appeared on all major network newscasts and on NPR. Dr. Jaczko was the subject of an hour-long documentary produced by NHK Television that aired in Japan in December 2012.

To be published by Simon and Schuster in 2017.