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Remembrance of Things I ForgotBob Smith

Bob SmithAn Amazon Best Book of the Year

"If H. G. Wells had been funny and Oscar Wilde obsessed with time travel they might have mated and produced Bob Smith, who has written the funniest and wildest ride imaginable through the recent past and near future." —Edmund White

How do love, lost youth, time travel, Dick Cheney, suicide, and comic books come together between the covers of one book? In the hands of award-winning novelist Bob Smith, hilariously, believably, and with surprising tenderness.

In Smith's Remembrance of Things I Forgot, comic book dealer John Sherkston flees 2006 in a time machine invented by his boyfriend, renowned physicist Taylor Esgard. His destination: 1961. His goal: Purchase thirty copies of Spiderman #1 to finance the breakup of his 14-year relationship with Taylor–a former nice guy turned Log Cabin Republican. But things go wildly, absurdly wrong when the machine malfunctions and sends John back to 1986 where he meets—and gets hit on by—himself. Seizing the opportunity to team up with his younger self "Junior" to alter history, John comes (middle-aged) face to (twenty-something) face with his past. He needs to decide whether to intervene and spare his optimistic younger self and his family from the bad decisions of the last two decades, or let the bad news stop with his creeping baldness.

Remembrance of Things I Forgot tells a wickedly funny and thought-provoking story of John's cross-country journey, one in which he confronts his (and our country's) blunders, and learns that having a second chance to change your life means having new and improved opportunities to make things worse—and possibly change things for the better.

Bob Smith's beloved first collection of essays, Openly Bob, won the Lambda Literary Award for humor. His second collection, Way To Go, Smith! was also nominated for a Lambda Literary Award and was followed by his acclaimed first novel, Selfish and Perverse. Bob is a regular contributor to Out magazine and the Advocate and his essays have appeared in the anthologies America's Best Contemporary Humorists, 101 Damnations, and When I Knew. Bob has the distinction of being the first openly gay comedian to appear on The Tonight Show and star in his own HBO Comedy Half-hour. Other TV appearances include Politically Incorrect, The Late, Late Show, and Entertainment Tonight. He has written for The MTV Video Awards, Dennis Miller, Roseanne and MAD-TV and recently appeared in the HBO documentary All Aboard: Rosie's Family Cruise. Smith's writing has been applauded by Armistead Maupin, Edmund White, David Rakoff, Paul Rudnick, Stephen McCaulay, and Henry Alford, among others.

Published in 2011 by Terrace Books.