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The Blue CascadeMike Scotti

The Blue Cascade is Mike Scotti's gripping memoir about his return from the Iraq war and the crushing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder he ignored in his quest to leave the war behind.  From 2001 until 2003, Lieutenant Mike Scotti served tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq, leading his men into battle as a Marine forward observer.  Upon returning from Iraq, Scotti left the brotherhood of the Marines for the allure of high finance on Wall Street. What Lieutenant Scotti didn't realize was that the mounting anxiety and isolation he was feeling was not entirely due to the lack of camaraderie and stress of the work, but a creeping depression that he could not ward against. 

On the battlefield, he was taught that weakness is what got you killed and that you must focus your energies on your objective, allow no hesitation, and complete the mission.  Though his mind and body were telling him otherwise, Scotti approached his new life the same way.  He ignored the powerful emotions that threatened to overtake him and charged toward his goal to complete his MBA, get a high-paying finance job, and retire young and rich.  But Scotti was being eaten away from inside; incidents of drunken emotion and violence were becoming more and more frequent.   As Scotti teetered on the brink of suicide, serendipity brought a film production company into his life and while he relived his experiences at war and shared all of the moments of terror, hopelessness, and guilt with the filmmakers, he found some peace for himself. 

In telling these stories to audiences around the country and now in The Blue Cascade, Scotti is able to finally address that he had a problem and give voice to his feelings.  Scotti has provided a way for other veterans like himself to share their experiences and emotions and get help that they need too.  A harrowing, emotional ride, The Blue Cascade is a memoir with a message that simply states, "It's OK if you're not OK." 

Mike Scotti is the subject of the critically-acclaimed, award-winning documentary "Severe Clear," inspired by the extensive video journals Scotti kept while serving in Iraq. His personal combat experiences have been seen by tens of thousands of veterans and civilians alike and helped to explain the true experience of war to those who have not experienced it. Scotti has shared his story on CNN, BBC World Service, and NPR and in The New York Times and Newsweek. Scotti is currently involved in pre-production as creator, host and executive producer of a veteran's reality TV show. American Heroes: American Dreams will chronicle the charity work Scotti has done for military families as he helps them to rebuild their lives that have been shattered by war.  Scotti is the 2009 recipient of the Lewis J. Selznick Filmmaking Award and became the Chairman of the NYU Stern Alumni Veterans Committee in January of 2011.  

Published by Grand Central in 2012.