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FamilyhoodPaul Reiser

Paul Reiser"Reiser digs deeper than expected for some very relatable observations in this follow-up to his bestselling books "Couplehood" and Babyhood." —The L.A. Times

In keeping with his two previous New York Times bestsellers, Couplehood and Babyhood, Paul Reiser brings his trademark warmth and razor-sharp wit to bear on observations about parenting, marriage, and mid-life in Familyhood, his new collection of essays.  Fueled by his experiences of raising two young sons with his wife of twenty-two years, Familyhood looks at the funny truths, heartbreaks, and small victories of being a family today.

Reiser is author of the bestselling books Couplehood and Babyhood. He has appeared in many films and television shows, including co-creating and starring in the critically acclaimed and long-running NBC series, “Mad About You.” 

Published by Hyperion in May, 2011.