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Unmeasured StrengthLauren Manning

Lauren Manning - Unmeasured  StrengthNew York Times Bestseller

First Serial to Vogue

Among the millions of New Yorkers who left for work on the morning of September 11, 2001, Lauren Manning would become one of the most catastrophically injured survivors of the terrorist attacks that brought down the World Trade Center. In Unmeasured Strength, Lauren tells for the first time and in her own words, the inspiring, utterly riveting story of one woman's ferocious fight to re-claim her life and identity. 

She was a Wall Street Partner, a beautiful wife and a joyous new mother of a young son, but the fires of 9/11 threatened to erase everything. Burned over 82% of her body and given almost no hope of survival, Lauren began a journey that would make her a living example of the uncompromising power of human will.  Placed in a drug-induced coma for one and a half months, she awakened to extreme physical injury and the traumatic loss of hundreds of colleagues. But she drove herself through the milestones set for her recovery with steely determination, becoming a role model to people around the world whom she inspired to find renewed strength and motivation within themselves, and to discover new purpose in their lives.

Returning home more than half a year after leaving for work on 9/11, Lauren found that the road back was just beginning. There were years of arduous physical and occupational therapy and a relentless cycle of surgeries and rehabilitation. But she was determined to build a new life as full as the one she had known before.

Lauren was first introduced to a global audience by way of her husband's New York Times bestseller, Love, Greg & Lauren, by front page coverage in The New York Times, and through featured appearances on Oprah, The Today Show, and Larry King Live. Senator Hillary Clinton, now a friend and admirer, first wrote to Lauren that “You are brave and courageous and a hero to all of us.” Oprah Winfrey told Lauren, “You are a true American hero,” and said recently, after revisiting with Lauren as one of her most memorable guests, “Your essence defines what it means to be survivor.”

Lauren's fascinating story, told with insight and unflinching candor, renews our faith in ourselves, helping to place life's challenges in perspective and to define what is truly important.

Published by Henry Holt and Company and MacMillan Audio in September, 2011.