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The Homemade PantryAlana Chernila

Alana ChernilaFeatured in Martha Stewart Living

"The Homemade Pantry is an important, beautiful work that can change the way people approach their food lives."  —Mollie Katzen, author of The Moosewood Cookbook

Meet Alana Chernila, a truly delightful food blogger whose book The Homemade Pantry was  born of a tight budget, her love for sharing recipes with her farmer's market customers, and a desire to enjoy a delicious, healthful, realistically happy cooking and eating life with her young family. 

Alana is a Berkshire mom with two cartwheeling kids, Sadie (whose favorite word is "why?") and Rosie (a free spirit who lives in her tutu), an artistic preschool schoolteacher husband, Joey (whose make-up is, she says, 98% pizza), and a well-used kitchen where she and her family try to cook up amazingly good, surprisingly easy foods that are cheaper, tastier, and better for the environment and for the soul.  Her mission is big--to live better, more economically and more soulfully--but not overwhelming or preachy.  Alana's approach to making good food is welcoming, and perhaps best of all, forgiving of imperfections and failure.  Her invitation into her kitchen is just that: a sympathetic pal inviting you stand by her at the stove while she teaches you, friend to friend, simple but often thrilling basic foodmaking that will change the way you think about the packaged foods you use every day, and better for the environment and for the soul than those bought in the grocery store.
Published in 2012 by Clarkson Potter.