"Rob Weisbach was the perfect editorial foil. He provided the structure that allowed for maximum creative freedom all the while sticking to a schedule he had convinced me was working at 'my own' pace."

Jon Stewart
New York Times
bestselling author of
Naked Pictures of Famous People
and America (The Book)


"Rob launched my career, not just by taking a gamble on me and publishing me with cutting edge creativity and fearlessness, but also by making me a true partner in the process. Much of what I've learned about great storytelling and savvy promotion started with Rob and I will always be grateful for it. He is a true visionary and his commitment to his authors can't be overstated."

Brad Meltzer
New York Times
bestselling author of
The Tenth Justice
and The Book of Lies

"Rob Weisbach is one of the most dynamic archeologists of new literary talent. A thoroughly contemporary editor and publisher, he promotes his discoveries with irresistible vigor. But Rob also harkens back to a gentler time, conjuring the lost days of Max Perkins. Like Perkins, Rob patiently nurtures his writers, lifts them up when they are down and ultimately teases out the best--and better--from them. His rise to prominence has been the good fortune of writers and publishers everywhere."

Lucinda Franks
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of My Father's Secret War

"Rob Weisbach is a visionary, and--to paraphrase Butch Cassidy--the rest of the world is wearing bifocals. Rob discovered me, nurtured my writing, and expertly guided me through creative and career decisions. Without him, I don't think I'd be making my living as a writer today."

A. J. Jacobs
New York Times
bestselling author of
The Know-it-All
and The Year of Living Biblically